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    A very simple paragraph about some advantages of watching soccer. Remember, a good paragraph usually starts with a topic sentence… :)


    Soul Food

    Watching soccer matches is an exciting hobby. First, when you see two teams playing on the pitch, you will see them play with great techniques. One player touches the ball with his foot, dribbles it, tries to pass it to his team mates, or runs past the players from the opponent side with it. Sometimes they look like dancing with the ball. The goalkeepers, too, often have to do some spectacular saves to keep their goals. You can also know how brilliant the team coaches are. Although most of them have a typical strategy to use, during a game you will see them change the way their players play to perform well and win. For girls, soccer matches are just worth-watching as well since many of the players are good looking. The players like Alessandro Del Piero, Kaka, or Cesc Fabregas look as gorgeous on the field as on catwalk or in magazines photo shoots.. Finally, watching the game teaches you about respect and hard work. The players from both teams shake hands before and after the game. Even a great quality team can lose if they do not maintain their spirit and determination to win every match. So, watching soccer games will entertain and give you a lot of positive energy. (As)