• Reviewed presentation handouts (Poetry 1 E & H 2013) – for registered students only

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    Dear Students of Poetry 1 class E and H:

    Thank you for sending me your handouts. Now you can check my notes in reviewed handouts class E thursday & H tuesday. Please revise your paper and also prepare for the final exam, because we’re going to use THREE of the presented poems. For the paper description, please read in  poetry 1 paper .

    FYI, I didn’t receive emails from four groups from class H (Tuesday). Based on my notes, they are:

    1. Ni Made Fani & Siti Maghfirah

    2. Vanya, Celya, & M. Indra

    3. Zainal Arifin, Izzuddin, and Haykal

    4. Natalia, Najelina, & Inne

    I can’t give my review to these  groups. They can check my notes to the other groups who analyze the same poem as they do, so they may get the idea of how to improve their paper.

    Many thanks & good luck.